Help us keep Costa Rica clean and beautiful.

Keep Our Beaches Clean

Our Beachside Recycling Program helps keep our oceans free of plastics and other waste that is detrimental to our planet. Our goal is to have a recycling station on every major beach in Costa Rica.

The Makes Me Happy Bracelet

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The Need for Recycling

In Costa Rica, there has always been a struggle to develop sustainable recycling programs throughout the nation. The plastics industry is the third largest in the country producing up to 700 million plastic bottles per year. Including all other plastics, 550 tons of used plastics are discarded per day and is being discarded in landfills, rivers and oceans.

Be a Smart Consumer

Our programs can only do so much in the effort to clean up our country. A large component of Zero Waste involves realizing that the creation of waste is often not necessary. There are many things that we can do as consumers to prevent waste.

Our Full-cycle Program

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