Mangrove & Beach Clean Up

The week before the highest influx of tourist to our beaches on the Gold Coast, CRMMH partnered with Xylem Inc. to clean up the Flamingo Mangrove and its beautiful white sand beach. We had over 100 volunteers from all parts of the world help us including the local crew Texas Tico.

We found the beach to be clean for the most part but once we stepped into the mangrove that was a whole other story. Stashed in the roots of the trees were mounds of trash the tides brought through the river.

Fortunately we were able to extract a large amount of waste and separate all the recyclable material to have it delivered to our local recycling center in Santa Cruz.

Without a doubt this clean up was a big success as our mangroves are neglected in this sense and aren’t as often cleaned up as our beaches are.