About Us

Mission and Vision

What makes us happy? All that is Pura Vida makes us happy! With such positivity to wake up to daily we have been blessed with the time and energy to embark on a new project to spread the word on how being happy is the key to everything and anything! It’s precisely our Pura Vida happiness that’s motivated us to spread the message of CRMMH, which is to make everyone aware of the dire need to stop our overconsumption of plastics in Costa Rica and around the world. Beyond that we strive to keep our county clean of all waste with the effort of cleaning up our waterways as well as creating sustainable recycling programs throughout the nation.

That’s why our main purpose at Costa Rica Makes Me Happy is to see our beautiful country clean of all waste. Unfortunately, our landfills are overflowing and the waste is not being properly disposed of filling up our rivers and beaches. Therefore, as an organization we’ve taken on the goal to lower consumption at the forefront, dispose of waste the proper way and implement truly sustainable recycling.

  • REDUCE the use of single-use plastic bottles by providing easy access to water refill stations throughout the country.
  • CLEAN UP our streets, rivers and beaches through volunteering clean-ups on a monthly basis.
  • RECYCLE in key locations providing easy access to our recycling collection stations as well as providing curb side collection.


Our mission and vision can only be accomplished through our efforts established in each program we implement. Our programs are ultimately only as good as those who support them. That is why we value each of our supporters. You can explore through each of our programs and see which one you have a desire to get involved with. Wether it be through volunteering or donations every little bit helps!

  • Water Refill Stations
  • Oceanside Recycling Stations
  • Adopt-a-Roadway
  • Beach Clean Ups
  • Green Homes
  • Recycling Programs

Fundraising Events

Our message is only as loud as the way we communicate it. If you or anyone you know would like to support our cause through organizing an event to raise funds for our programs, please send us a message. We trust that the more exposure we can get to all of our towns and tourist destinations the greater the success in keeping our beautiful country clean!